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Chokey Taylor hails from Westmoreland on Jamaica's South Coast, he is an exceptionally gifted singer, songwriter, musician and band-leader who has
single-handedly changed the sound of music, within Jamaican Hotels and Cabaret circuit.

He has played a crucial role in delivering Jamaican artistes and musicians from the Mento and Calypso straight jacket, that literally became the  expected repertoire for musicians, who worked the Cabaret circuit.

Known throughout Europe as the ‘Sun-Dance Kid,’ Chokey Taylor as the lead singer of  the renowned Holland based group “Sun-Dance-Kid,” a seven member reggae and pop group who plays a role in promoting reggae music throughout Europe, impacting on thousands of Europeans who have become solid fans and supporters, who until today have embraced reggae music totally.


Chokey Taylor/ Sundance Kid, cover version of  The Beatles’ song, ‘Girl’, is included in a Compilation Album along with Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, & Joe Cocker.  

As lead singer and song-writer for the group, Chokey expressed the gut feelings of Jamaicans on social, political and religious concerns, along with other burning Third World issues.

His third solo album "Sunshine Reggae" featured an exceptional jazz-reggae cover of  “Sunshine Reggae”.   The original recording was done by the group “Laid Back,” whose  recording in the 1970s literally rocked the world.

Thirty five years later Chokey Taylor’s phenomenal version of “Sunshine Reggae” herald into being, a Jamaican fusion known throughout the world today as “Jazz- Reggae, which is currently being popularized by Jamaican jazz greats such as Monty Alexander, Ernie Ranglin, and serious jazz  musicians in the likes of Dean Fraser, Desi Jones,  Maurice Gordon, Glen Browne, Susan Couch and Wayne Harmond.
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